Five Reasons Why Smart HVAC Is the Right Choice


Five Reasons Why Smart HVAC Is the Right Choice

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Smart homes help their owners live better, saving them time by automating routine tasks and saving them money by regulating the use of electricity and other resources more efficiently. Nowhere are the benefits of smart home technology more evident than in home heating and cooling systems.When most people think of smart heating and cooling systems, they think of high tech thermostats that can sync with their smartphones to allow remote programming and access or regulate usage based on whether people are present in the home or facility. There’s more to smart HVAC systems than that, as some other smart technology used in home heating and cooling systems include zoning systems that heat and cool only portions of the home that owners want climate-controlled.If you’re not quite sold on purchasing a smart heating and cooling system for your home or business yet, consider these benefits of smart air conditioning systems:


Smart homeowners are always looking for ways to save money on routine household expenses, and a smart heating and cooling system offers a great way to do it. Smart heating and cooling systems ensure that your air conditioner only runs when needed, avoiding unnecessary operations that cost you money.


Smart heating and cooling systems that allow homeowners to control which rooms are heated and cooled will help them feel more comfortable in their homes. For couples who have different temperature preferences, a zoned system will help keep the peace, as they will no longer have to fight over the thermostat.Some smart heating and cooling systems also have features that help homeowners better control humidity and air quality in their homes. Indoor air quality is a big concern in the U.S. The air inside our homes is often two to five times more polluted than outdoor air , but we spend about 90 percent of our time indoors.Air conditioners that can improve air quality can have a big impact on health, particularly that of people with allergy or respiratory problems. New air conditioning systems have filters and other options that can ensure the air circulating through your home is fresh air.


A smart HVAC system is far more convenient than a traditional heating and cooling system or even an advanced thermostat that allows you to program a heating and cooling schedule for the device. With a smart heating and cooling system that syncs to your phone, you can remotely control your heating and cooling system.This means never coming home to a house that’s too hot or too cold, or having to worry about whether you turned the unit down or off when you left the house. With a smart heating and cooling system, all you need to do is access your system via phone when you’re not home and adjust the temperature as you desire.For people who own vacation property, the ability to remotely regulate the air conditioner can be convenient for their guests—property owners can cool or heat the property in anticipation of a visit. It can also help them save money by avoiding operating the heating and cooling system when no one is present in the property.


Improvements made to your home boost its price when it’s time to resell. As energy efficiency and environmental responsibility are big concerns these days, a smart heating and cooling system will greatly increase the desirability of your home and the price you can command for it.Prospective homeowners want new energy-efficient systems, but they don’t want to have to be the ones to directly pay for them and oversee their installation. If your home already has a smart system, buyers will be more interested in purchasing your home. Combined with other smart renovations and a good sales pitch, a new air conditioning system can greatly increase the chances that you get the price you want for your home.


When heating and cooling units run, they’re consuming electricity that may come from sources of energy that cause carbon emissions like coal or natural gas-fired power plants. Air conditioning units themselves release potentially harmful chemicals into the air. Finding ways to operate air conditioners more efficiently will help reduce the environmental impact of heating and cooling your home or place of work.

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