Benefits of Programmable Thermostats – HVAC Tips


Benefits of Programmable Thermostats – HVAC Tips

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The surprisingly simple function of a programmable thermostat can not only increase comfort levels in your home, but also save you money on your home’s largest energy expense: heating and cooling costs.

What Is a Programmable Thermostat?

Tired of paying for heating and cooling while you are away from home eight hours a day or more? Sick of returning to an uncomfortable home in an effort to save energy? A programmable thermostat offers a solution! Designed to automatically adjust the temperature in your home based on a series of pre-programmed settings for various times of the day, programmable thermostats set you up for comfort and energy savings year-round.

Here are some reasons why should you consider an upgrade to a programmable thermostat:

  • Savings – Energy savings quickly offset the minimal cost of upgrading to a programmable thermostat. You can save 1% of your energy bill for every degree the thermostat is set back or up, depending on the season, over an eight-hour period!
  • Simplicity – Compatible with both newer and older heating and cooling equipment, a programmable thermostat allows you to “set it and forget it” while it does the work for you.
  • Comfort – Pre-programmed settings adjust the temperature for when you are awake, asleep, or away, returning temperatures to the desired levels when needed.
  • Control – Programmable thermostats come in many different styles from simple to complex, allowing you the most control over energy use and comfort levels. Some even offer remote operation by phone or the Internet. In addition, programmable thermostats can be manually overridden without affecting programming.

Will a Programmable Thermostat Work For Me?

Programmable thermostats work in a variety of environments, including:

  • Multi-Level Homes – Basements and upstairs bedrooms may only be used during particular times of the day, allowing for additional energy savings when no heating or cooling is needed. Zoned systems utilizing programmable thermostats offer even more temperature control for these issues.
  • Vacation Homes – In addition to lowering energy bills, setting temperatures for winter and summer extremes can prevent issues such as frozen pipes and melted candles. Certain thermostats will even allow you to adjust the temperature using phone or Internet programming prior to arriving for your vacation!
  • Apartments – Owners of apartment complexes can save renters money on power bills, add value to apartments, and draw residents to communities simply by upgrading to programmable thermostats.
  • Commercial Buildings – Programmable thermostats offer business owners an opportunity to enhance their bottom line. Businesses can save a substantial amount by simply adjusting temperatures over the weekends or at night while the business is closed and adjusting temperatures to more comfortable levels when in operation.
    Select the Programmable Thermostat That’s Right For You.

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